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8 May 2017 | Marketing | The Wingara Wine Scribe

Deakin Estate's new "River to Vine" labels

Deakin Estate’s family owned vineyards lie near Mildura in north west Victoria, Australia. Here, the mighty Murray River weaves across the land, bringing life to the region.  As one of the world’s longest navigable rivers, the Murray stretches for 2,500 kilometres, bordered by a tapestry of quintessential Australian flora, including magnificent gum trees.  For over 40,000 years, this river sustained the region’s traditional owners, the Latje Latje people, whose deep connection to the land centres around the timeless Murray – now central to Deakin Estate’s unique terroir.

Deakin’s new River to Vine labels pay homage to the magnificent Murray and the role it plays in delivering exceptional, estate grown fruit to our winemakers.  Deakin Estate enjoys full control over every aspect of production, from proprietary vineyards through to final wines -  giving consistency, vintage after vintage.    For consumers looking for a wine they can always trust for quality and affordability, these fresh labels, designed by Melbourne’s Beetle Creative, evoke a sense of place.

The Murray River’s irrigation system was set up in 1887 by the Chaffey Brothers.  Water availability accelerated agricultural expansion around the Murray Darling region, in which Deakin Estate was established in 1967.  Today, Deakin’s viticulturist Craig Thornton is highly regarded for his meticulous irrigation trials in conjunction with research bodies such as the CSIRO, ensuring Deakin is at the forefront of regional viticulture.   Craig says, “My approach is to create a balanced vine canopy.  Irrigation is our main tool in achieving this, as it is something we can manage each year to complement our warm, dry climate.  We create the right vine architecture to manage cropping levels, while capturing the best possible flavours.”

Deakin Estate wines are available Australia wide and in major export markets, as are other leading brands nurtured by the Murray, such as William Downie and Chalmers.  One of the world’s leading wine writers, Jancis Robinson MW recently commented that collectively, such operators are “busy proving that good wines can come out of the irrigated inland wine regions that depend for their existence on the lazy Murray River.” ( 28/4/2017).


Australian distributors Red+White. Tel. 1300 763 377.  International distributors 

Deakin Estate Fast Facts

Location: Red Cliffs near Mildura, Victoria.

Wine Region: Murray Darling, Victoria.

Size: 217 hectares of vineyards and orchards.

Winery Capacity: 400,000 cases.

Winemakers: Frank Newman, Aidan Menzies.

Viticulturist: Craig Thornton.

Soils: Rich, fertile calcareous earth, ranging from brown to red sandy loam.

Climate: Mediterranean.  Warm and sunny.           

Max. average temperature: 23.6 degrees Celsius.

Latitude: 34°10’S  

Altitude: 50-70 metres (180-229 feet)

Mean number of clear days per year: 143.2 

Mean annual Rainfall: 268.1mm




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