Our People

The Wingara Wine Group employs around 50 permanent staff across four sites: Coonawarra - South Australia; Mildura - Victoria; Red Cliffs near Mildura - Victoria; Head Office - Melbourne, Victoria.

Key Personnel

Head Office, Melbourne Victoria
Sean Shortt - Executive Director, Sales and Marketing
Chris Pike - Executive Director, Operations & Finance
Derek Kums - Company Accountant
Terry Gerring -  General Sales Manager, Australia
James Webster -   Direct Sales Manager
Annelie Mitchell -  Marketing Manager
Anna Aldridge - Communications and Partnership Manager
Jess Hutt - Marketing Coordinator                                                                                                                        Rachel Bailey -  Distribution Manager      

Coonawarra Winery and Vineyard, South Australia
Tim Heath - Senior Winemaker                                                                                                                   
Chris Brodie - Senior Viticulturist
Dan McNicol - Assistant Winemaker
James Sullivan - Assistant Vineyard Manager
Naomi McShane - Cellar Door Manager                                                                                                            Deb Mulligan - Cellar Door Assistant                                                                                                              

Mildura, Victoria
Chris Williams - Packaging, Warehouse and Logistics Manager
Malcolm Innes - IT Manager 
Marisa Demarco - Receptionist/Accounts Payable                                                                                              Melissa Delbridge - Accounts assistant

Red Cliffs Winery and Vineyard, Victoria

Frank Newman - Winemaker
Aidan Menzies - Winemaker                                                                                                                       
Craig Thornton - Viticulturist