Wingara history

The Wingara Wine Group Pty Ltd was founded in 1967, when the founders planted vineyards in Coonawarra, South Australia - as well as vineyards & citrus groves, near Mildura, Victoria.

The grape growing business grew rapidly in the 1970s for the Wingara's founders, the Yunghanns family. In 1980, a winery was established in North West Victoria as part of Wingara’s strategy of adding value through production and sales of juice and finished wine to other producers. This strategy was enhanced in 1989 through the launch of bottled wine under the “Sunnycliff” label, which following extensive market research was succeeded by the launch of Deakin Estate in 1995 as our leading brand for informal everyday consumption.

The Coonawarra winery, Katnook, was re-established in the 1980's, on the same site where John Riddoch - Coonawarra's wine father - had made the region's first commercial wine in the 19th century.

In June 2001 recognising the need for strategic, global alliances, 60% of the shareholding was sold to Freixenet Spain, the world’s biggest sparkling wine producer and 10th largest wine company.

In January 2008, Freixenet purchased the remaining shareholding of Wingara and heavily invested in renovating and improving Wingara’s heritage buildings, vineyards and winemaking facilities. In 2018, Freixenet merged with sparkling specialist, Henkell.

The Wingara Wine Group has an annual turnover of A$20 million and is in the top 20 Australian companies in terms of annual grape crush. Wingara wines are marketed and sold throughout Australia and internationally to most wine drinking countries world-wide.

Wingara also distributes a range of Spanish and German wines throughout Australia from its parent company, Henkell-Freixenet.